Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zombie Rush: Strawmen invade Iowa Capitol against Castle Doctri...

Good deal,

Despite some attempts at fear mongering, the "Stand Your Ground Bill" has made it out of subcommittee. Hopefully it will be kept alive and make it to the House this year.

Zombie Rush: Strawmen invade Iowa Capitol against Castle Doctrine


  1. In Virgina we are "required" to retreat. I don't understand this philosophy, but currently we do have a congressman introducing the Castle Doctirne bill, so we shall see. We actually have several pro gun pieces of legislation being introduced. Of course, we also have several bills being introduced trying to limit or take away rights as well. In general, I think Virginia is pretty gun friendly, but I think we can get a whole lot friendlier:)

  2. Double check that, in most cases it's "If there's no risk, you must retreat" IE if you think it would be likely that you'll get knifed in the back if you turn and run you are not required to retreat.

    Being able to articulate the threat and why it is unsafe to retreat is a huge thing.

  3. I'm not sure how GronSTALL will react to this. Hopefully he lets it through. And nobody spoils the deal like last year. I'm still a little murky on that, I know the guys at IFC were not happy.

  4. "Hopefully he lets it through"

    No kidding. The legal precedent on use of force is kind of screwed up where case law came from such as State vs. Rubino and State vs. Shanahan had nothing to do with legal self defense, it's "too bad" we haven't had a better case regarding the retreat issue.