Saturday, June 30, 2012

June BHPC IDPA Results

Match Over All
  1. Jesse W.     108.02    SSP
  2. Rod D.        126.33    ESP
  3. JD               129.72    CDP
  4. Dean C.       137.99    ESP
  5. Mike T.       139.29    SSP
  6. Greg C.       148.33    ESP
  7. Jeff C.         163.73   ESP
  8. Mike K.       153.45    SSP
  9. Eric K.         162.8    SSP
  10. Brian H.      174.15    SSP
  11. K V.             175.45    SSP
  12. Mike C.       194.12    SSP
  13. Kurt G         197.42    SSP
  14. Dean W.       203.27    CDP
  15. Melvin S.     217.59    SSP
  16. William K.   238.01    SSP
  17. Eric R          251.83    SSP
  18. Richard H.   256.96    SSP

Average Score

Points Down        
Brian H.     29 SSP <-- With a freak'n Glock 26!!!
Dean C.     35 ESP
JD              35CDP
Jesse W.    38
Rod D.        48
Mike K.        48
Mike C.        50
Jeff C.        53
Mike T.        53
Kurt G        55
K V.         57
Greg C.        71
Dean W.        77
Eric K.        78
Melvin S.    82
William K.    92
Eric R        130
Richard H.    169

Average Points Down

Will link to the full break downs later tonight. Good job every body for a safe and fun match.

***Final scores can be viewed HERE **

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Your Gun is a POS...

That's just the flat out truth.

I don't care what brand or brands you have, someone out there doesn't like it and thinks it's a piece of crap.

Learn to deal with it and don't act like someone kicked your dog when they don't like your gun.

If you come across a gunsmith or an instructor that doesn't like your flavor of Kool-aid, big flopping whoop. It's OK for them to not like your gun, before you get all puffed out and flustered over the affair, it might do you well to ask why they don't like your gun. You might be surprised about what you learn.

Sometimes you may just want to smile and nod, but at other times it may just shed enough light on some unknown issues and make you rethink your choice of firearm.

I don't like Taurus and Kimber

David Bowie doesn't like HKs and Springfield XDs. I have both and one of my HKs is at his place right now pending work and while he may talk smack about my HKs while we're on the line @ TDI, I'm still shooting pretty well with it and it works well for me, despite being "over priced Euro-Trash" and I'm cool with that.

Grant Cunningham doesn't like 1911s, and some people on a 1911 forum about flipped their lid and were amazed that he'd taint his customer base etc.and that they would consider not sending him revolvers for work. That wouldn't stop from from sending him a revolver for tuning (Oh how I wish he was accepting work, I'd send him my Colt Detective Special in a heart beat) what do I care if one of the best revolver smiths around doesn't like 1911s?

Rob Pincus and James Yaeger share his sentiments.

Your gun sucks.

Deal with it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blackhawk! Serpa: Just Say No!!!!

The Point Blank Truth: Blackhawk SERPA Holster Warning: I know that cost is always an issue in gear selection so I try to consider all factors before transitioning from "harsh criticisms" to out-right trashing.  There are few things that I believe all consumers in the shooting community should avoid like the fucking plague ; one being the Blackhawk SERPA holster ( being another) ....
~Insert gratuitous amount of Serpa Failures / List of Trainers and Establishments prohibiting use of the Serpa here~

....In the end, even if you are one who is of the mind that proper training can overcome the ND/trigger finger issue, the fact remains that the holster can easily be broken and rendered inoperable in several ways.  That alone is reason enough for me to shit-can it.

Just passing this along. Nothing I can really add or subtract other than to say that there is rumor going round that Blackawk is working on redesigning the Serpa...

Re: 3-Gun Match - Boone, Iowa June 23rd

Update re: Boone, IA 3 Gun Matc:

The 3-gun match will be this coming Saturday, starting at 9 a.m..

Pistol match:  These stages will be standard defensive pistol stages.  There will be 3-4 stages, with at least one of them involving shooting from inside a car.  No blind stages this time, they take too long for a 3-gun.  There will be movement and some activated targets.  Bring 60-80 rounds of ammo.  We do pretty much follow IDPA rules.

Shotgun:  18-20 rounds will be needed, so bring a box of shells.  Keep the shot size to 7 1/4 or smaller. 

Rifle:  50 rounds should get you through this course, you will start with the rifle, and will transition towards the end to a handgun.  There will be a .22 division.

Guns, Guns, and More Gosh Darn Guns: 3-Gun Match - Boone, Iowa June 23rd: There's going to be a 3-Gun match @ the Boone Sportsman's Club on Saturday, June 23rd. The final details have not been posted yet but I will...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Waterloo, IA Black Hawk Pistol Club's June IDPA Match

The IDPA monthly match for June is SATURDAY the 30th @ the Cedar Valley Pistol Range (CVPR) on Rt 63 between Waterloo and Hudson just west of the John Deere Implement.
As mentioned previously, any updates/changes to this match will be posted at the  iliowa practical shooters forum (sign up is free) and our Facebook page.

We're looking to do six stages with a round count between 85-100.

Match Fee is $15.00, $12 for BHPC Members.

Match times are as follows:
Setup: 07:00/07:30
Sign in: 08:30
New Shooter Orientation: 09:00
Safety brief - stage walk through: 09:30
Shooting starts: 10:00

IDPA Tips of the month:
Only two magazines may be worn on the belt, additional magazines may be carried on your person, but should you use them, you will receive a 3 second penalty PER magazine used.

Regarding cover garments, they need to conceal your pistol and magazines with your arms raised straight out at your shoulders. This also means that you gear needs to not be visible. Hunting vests etc. that are a majority mesh material are a no go if we can see your equipment under the vest. Mesh vents are OK provided we can not see your pistol and reloads etc.

ALSO MAKE SURE TO BRING WATER and hydrate before the match.

If you are able to be there early for set up, any and all help is appreciated!

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

PT1911 #3: Have I Ever Told You...

That I'm not overly fond of PT1911 as a result of seeing a lot of them with less than ideal quality behind them?

Here's some quick pictures of Taurus PT1911 #3, this is a different gun belonging to a different shooting buddy.

We were talking about the other two I was looking at and my friend not being much of a 1911 guy hasn't shot his much and asked if I would be willing to do a side by side comparison of this gun next to some of mine, just to see what a difference in cost gets you get.

He was not impressed with his Taurus.

Batterting of frame, not sure what's causing this as this area of the frame can not be  struck by hammer with firing pin stop in place. The joint where the ejector meets the frame looks pretty nasty as well.


Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 MO State IDPA "Back Stoppers" Match...

Getting ready to shoot the match tomorrow.

 Holy crap! LOTS of targets with hard cover!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update: Semi-Auto, AR-Like .308s

In an update to THIS post, there are two more options that I've been looking at over the last couple of days.

The DPMS "Recon" .308

And the Armalite AR10A
Difference between the Armalite AR10 and 10A is that the 10A will accept PMags etc.

Between the two guns, I like how the "Recon" comes equipped from the factory, but it only carries a 3 year warranty while the Armalite has a Limited Lifetime warranty. Guess which warranty I favor?

I'm wondering what kind of deal I can snag one of the Armalites, if I can find a dealer willing to order me one for cost, I think I'll get one and just outfit as desired.

Another rifle that hit the market this year that I was looking at with a sideways glance was the Bushmaster .308 MOE, but that's a ONE year...and 10 day...thanks guys, that's just super considerate of you warranty...I've been kind of sour with Bushmaster over their mishandling of the ACR.

Looking at all the variables, I'll probably be spending my money with Armalite as I just can't justify the cost of a LWRC, LMT, etc. If I was looking to attend a carbine class or get into 3-gun with this rifle it might be a different story, but for some occasional plinking, maybe a hog hunt here and there in the future, I think the Armalite 16" with some upgrades will do just fine.

If Colt would get off their arse and get some SP901s out that might still be a contender, but it's been well over a year since they were released @ the 2011 Shot Show and no one's getting them yet. There are AR10As and DPMS "Recon" models all ready in the hands of users. Colt, I'd really like to buy one, but a gun in the hand beats one on order.

 The FN Scar 17S is still of interest as well. The only draw back is the proprietary magazine.

3-Gun Match - Boone, Iowa June 23rd

There's going to be a 3-Gun match @ the Boone Sportsman's Club on Saturday, June 23rd. The final details have not been posted yet but I will post them here once they're available.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update on the PT1911s....

Or more appropriately why I don't like Taurus Products.

Both guns have been gutted, cleaned, reassembled and have passed the basic operational checks.

Some things of note on the guns, is that as I expected, the overall fit and finish were pretty rough, overall the aluminum framed .45ACP model wasn't too bad in that department. I guess my biggest grip on that is the fitment of the thumb safety, it's not done to well and appears to be scraping the frame, I can't guarantee that as I don't know the history of the gun. The grip panels on the gun as I received it were trapping the thumb safety stop lever on the right side when the grip screws were properly tightened down and made engaging / disengaging the safety harder/mushy from the drag on the panel. I had an extra pair of Mi-Tac grip panels laying around and replaced them for the user until he can replace them with something else.

Both guns have full length guide rods of the two piece variety, but thread together near the rear end of the rod and offer no ability to unscrew from outside the the gun like most typical two-piece guide rods. Why manufacturers insist on including these in builds is beyond me. They are a pain to deal with in some applications, come apart while firing in other applications, or add more tools for field stripping.

Mag catches / release in both guns were of the extended type, and a common issue I see in a lot of guns with extended mag releases is that the internal surface of the mag catch is not blended to the contours of the mag well with the magazine release pressed in which can result in the mag release trapping the magazine in place when pressed down hard.

While I had the guns apart I used some Flitz on the trigger bows and the Series 80 firing pin components and that cleaned up the trigger a pretty good amount, it's definitely more crisp than it was originally.

Colt Series 80 Firing Pin Mechanism

The only other issue I really saw with the .45 was that the extractor showed signs of "clocking" but after poking and prodding on it a little it may not be an issue.

The checkering on both guns, which is machine cut was not very nice with the lower edge of the checkering extending down to the very bottom of the gun and made for some sharp edges.

That pretty much sums it up for the .45, the 9mm variant which was stainless over stainless is a different story.

RIP Paul Gomez...

Paul Gomez, of Gomez Training Intl was reportedly found deceased Sunday or Monday

At this time there have been no details released as to cause of death.

Paul was very well known and held in high regard by many in the training community and will be surely missed.

Photo Editing Credited to Tom Jones

Please pray for Paul's family and friends.

Edited to add @ 6-5-12 3:20 CST

It's been said that Paul passed from diabetes related issues.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Two PT1911s to Play With....

A friend of mine has dropped off two PT1911s (.45ACP and 9mm) to be played with, while I'm particularly fond of hating on Taurus, I'm kind of interested in diddling with these two. Initially all I can say is that these are the most squishy 1911 triggers I've ever felt in my life.

More to follow...