Monday, January 23, 2012

Laugh of the day....

"...any product covered under an unlimited lifetime warranty will see more warranty work than any item covered under a limited coverage limited time warranty.... it makes sense to use it if you have it and conversely you cant use what you dont have ."

Said as a justification as to why most people I know that work in gun shops see more Taurus products being sent back for repair than any other brand. Sorry pal, the reason a product sees more warranty work is BECAUSE IT KEEPS BREAKING, that is what most sensible people I know call a clue.

Never mind that most of these guns are not even 3 years old when they break, and are more commonly returned within the first few hundred rounds.

One member of a forum put together this brief list...

"I've responded to a couple of Taurus threads recently, and I was asked to start a new thread that would likely become a sticky....

My dislike of Taurus is no secret. Honestly, if someone GAVE me a new Taurus, I would not keep it . One only need look at many guns on the store shelves. The quality on many of them is horrendous. One only also need look on the various forums. A high percentage of them have problems straight out of the box, or on the first range trip.

I realize that human nature is to complain instead of praise... But, the % of complaints (on all the various gun forums) about Taurus against other brands of guns doesn't even compare. And the stories of dealing with their customer service are maddening. Sometimes they send guns back MULTIPLE times without doing ANYTHING. I've seen some threads go for 18 months, where a person goes thru the Taurus "experience" in getting their gun fixed. It's just ridiculous...

I didn't start saving Taurus threads until a few months ago - so, unfortunately, I don't have some of the more depressing stories I have read. But here are a few:

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Yeah, these all saw service due to the lifetime of the gun warranty.

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