Monday, January 9, 2012

Sig P238 No More...

After going through all the rigmarole of getting a working P238 I found myself not carrying it nearly as much as I thought I would mainly due to some troublesome findings in one of the counties I work in. As a result of those findings I thought in beneficial to start carrying a big honkin' gun that if I were to find myself in a scrape I wouldn't be wishing for a larger handgun (wishing for a rifle or crew-served weapon is another case all together) so the P238 kind of hung out in the safe. Sure I tested it out and made sure it was a functioning model but it just never saw much use.

While making the rounds I came across a Colt Detective Special circa 1977 and it was in pretty nice shape. I move the 238 and came out bucks up to snag the Dick Special and have some $$$ left over.

Almost too nice to shoot...


  1. Wow , if you are wishing for a crew served weapon chances are you a goner:) Loved your pic

  2. Nice looking Det Spcl JD!