Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Small Bore Project

It's around two years since my last blog post...

There was a lot going on then and things were getting crazy with not a lot of time for blogging( not that I was the most active blogger to begin with) but my self imposed time in purgatory is almost up...

I've got a nifty little small bore project in the work in the form of a Ruger 10/22 take down. Some upgrades in the form of a Volquarsten extended charging handle and auto bolt release as well as the Ruger BX-25 trigger module are in order along with a Magpul Hunter stock that's been converted to work with the Take-Down model from http://www.1022td-woodstocks.com/

Also seen in the pic is a Vortex SPARC II 2 MOA red dot sight (RDS) and some Ruger BX-25 magazines.

A LCR .22LR may also find it's way into the bag at a later date. For now I've got a 4" SP101 in .22LCR that will be riding shotgun? with the rifle.