Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Quick Look at the Dillon

Yep, that's a Dillon all right. Sorry about the clutter on the bench, I just replaced the crappy particle board top with a less crappy 3/4" sheet of plywood.

More detailed photos and musings on the machine to follow.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Now it's on...

Just submitted the Dillon order for my new XL650 and other goodies....let the fun begin.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 Days...

And the Sig 238 is back home. Not too shabby a return time if you ask me. Makes you wonder why it takes some makers months to get a gun back to you.

It arrived today, they replaced the slide, "upgraded the extractor" and test fired with Fed. American Eagle 95gr FMJ and claim it runs.

The local range is closed pending repair of a busted lock so it may be a while before I get to test it out and see how it runs. I'm hoping that the gun is good to go.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lusty Leather Goodness...

Well, maybe not that lusty but definitely leathery goodness.

This is for the soon to be completed Nighthawk, which will hopefully be done in time for THIS.

Alessi PSS

Alessi PSS

Mad props to Alessi that beat their own lead time, ordered June 4th, holster arrived July 21st. This is my first Alessi product, I am pleased to see the business remain in the family and as far as I can tell the product is still worthy of the Alessi name.

If only I had another railed 1911 to use with this while I'm waiting for the Nighthawk...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Knife Sheaths in the Works.

I have a lot of cool knives that I don't carry because the factory sheaths were/are crap. Everyone raved about a particular brand of after market Kydex sheaths, I tried them and wasn't very impressed.

If you frequent a couple of the firearm related forums, you may see a gent going by the name "Unloved"

A while back he started posting pictures of some of his home grown Kydex gear and my interest got peaked. I finally sent him some of my favorite knives as well as some of the wife's items and am eagerly awaiting the new sheaths.

I've got sheaths coming for my SOG mini tsunamis, my wife's KABAR TDI (Small), and my CRKT ABC Operator. I was going to send in my large TDI, but the basement monster ate it.

Enough about what I'm getting, if you want to check out the gear, you can do so @ Invictus Kydex.

I should have my gear back some time next week and will be sure to review this topic sometime after getting acquainted with the products.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sig 238 Troubles

A while back I posted about wanting a Sig 238 HD. I picked one up last month and sadly I have to say that I should have waited a little longer. Initial testing was 50/50. While the gun fed Speer Gold Dots, Hornady Critical Defense, Remington Golden Saber and both Winchester and Remington UMC FMJ loads; I did have several failures to extract the spent casing and a couple failures for the slide to lock open on empty. I also found several casings that were mangled.

I took the gun home and cleaned it, went back out to the range about a week later and shot another 50rds of the UMC through the gun and experienced another failure to extract as well as several more failures to lock open on empty.

Also of note is that the recess in the slide where the slide stop engages was starting to peen itself on the slide stop.

 A quick call to Sig and I had the UPS label in my inbox and the Sig is arrived back in NH today for repairs which have a 4 - 6 week estimate.