Tuesday, February 9, 2010

At Last, a Replacement to the Aging Colt Mustang

When Sig came out with the P238 I was as giddy as it gets. I've held off on getting one as I've been waiting for this day to come (OK, the recall helped holding off as well), the Sig P238 is now available with a stainless steel frame.

SIG 238 HD

Stock Photo: Sig 238 HD

For those that are going to ask why on Earth would you want a HEAVIER pocket gun? Well, when you take a steel framed Colt Mustang and shoot it next to a KelTec, you'll feel the difference.

I've been holding out on replacing the Mustangs in carry rotation as there just wasn't a stock item from anyone that matched up to it spec for spec. The Kahr MK9 was a contender but I'm just not sure about the micro 9mm gun. We don't pocket carry the Mustang or Mustang +II that we have. The wife and I both carry our Colt .380s IWB as her pockets are too small to fit chap-stick in without it printing and I'm just not that fond of pocket carry although I do have a pocket holster for the Mustang if I should ever change my mind.

Now all I need is for Sig to come out with the equivalent of the Mustang +II and we'll be set. I've been wanting to shelf the Colts as the pool of spare parts for the Mustangs dwindles every year. Just in the short time I've had mine the parts available from both Brownells and and Numrich has diminished. While I'm not worried that one of them is going to break, they are becoming too valuable to risk a breakage.

For those that are fond of the Colt .380s, here's our current set of steel-framed models.

Colt Government .380

 Top:Colt Mustang +II 
Bottom: Colt Mustang

The Sig 238 differs in a couple different areas, one being that it features a removable mainspring housing.

Sig P238 Parts List from User's Manual

Colt Mustang Parts List

I WILL be purchasing one of these Sig 238HDs and will do some side by side comparisons at a later date to be determined.

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