Monday, August 12, 2013

Sig 556R Update

I was able to get out over the weekend and get the 556R w/ ACOG sighted in.

Fired about 75 rounds during the outing, the rifle made it through 75 cycles of operation (feeding, chambering, locking, firing, unlocking extracting, ejecting, cocking without issue. Spent casings were flying out of the gun.

I mentioned some dislikes about the gun in the previous posting, the safety lever is definitely too small. A Krebs aftermarket lever will be added later. I am unsure if I will be replacing the grip at this time or not, but a slimmer grip option would be nice.

The lack of iron sights on this rifle is baffling, I don't know what Sig was / is thinking. Sure we all like optics and that is probably the first thing most people add to a rifle/carbine these days, but sending out a $1K+ rifle without usable sights is just stupid.

The trigger is heavier, but pretty smooth. The stock will be getting changed out eventually to give me a better length of pull, it's a little short as is for me.

Accuracy-wise, I'm pretty happy with it and the Wolf Military Classic 124gr FMJ I was shooting. 3 shots touching @ 100yds with a 3X ACOG near the end of my trip and my eyes were getting fatigued. I need to explore a different optic that will allow my cross-dominant self to shoot with both eyes open, by the end of the outing my right eye felt majorly fatigued. Nothing stellar, but it will do the job.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Iowa Basic and Intermediate Pistol Classes Aug 24th & Sep 28th

Cedar Valley Defensive League will be offering the following classes:

Basic Defensive Pistol, Saturday Aug 24
This class is a beginner class and no prior firearms knowledge is necessary. Range portion will include taking your first shots, acquiring adequate trigger control and shooting from the ready position. Upon Completion a certificate will be awarded for use to obtain Iowa Carry Permit.

Intermediate Pistol Training Saturday, September 28
This class is designed to enhance your shooting capabilities. The total day will be at the range. Holster is required. The class will entail 200-300 rounds of ammo. Upon Completion a certificate will be awarded

Instructors: John and Melody Lauer, NRA Instructors

To reserve your place in class and details:
Contact: Joyce Kienast
Cedar Valley Defensive League (CVDL)
Phone 319-404-5792

We had a lot of good feedback from the ladies only class last month, these upcoming classes are co-ed.

Course topics for the "Basic" include

Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
Principles of Self Defense
Carry Lifestyle
Iowa Code
Equipment (beyond firearms)
A Female Specific handout as well as a 100pg Student Handout and Reference Packet.
Live Fire Training

This is a FULL day class. Not a 2-4 hour thanks for coming here's your certificate type of class.

The Intermediate Class as stated is ALL on the range.

We start with working from the holster and on to reloads, one-handed usage, malfunction clearing, basic movement, multiple targets and shooting from cover.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

1st Look : Sig 556R 7.62X39 w/ ACOG TA33R-13

If you've been following here for  a while you'll know that I was looking heavily at ARs in .308, as much as I want one I just don't have much use for a .308 AR.

A 7.62X39 Carbine on the other hand, that I can use.

There's been a gap in the stable of a 7.62X39 platform in the safe and I just wasn't too keen on some things about the AK, while the 556R has some shortcomings, I think it will suit be better than an AK and I was able to acquire one in much more suitable timeline than a comparable AK, I was looking at a Krebs but there's a 6+ month wait on one.

As luck would have it right when the itch was flaring up One Source Tactical got a small batch of 556R Swat (quad rail) models in.

Sig 556R, Trijicon TA33R-13, KAC Rail Covers and VFG 

556R Folded

The rifle is a little front heavy with the rail and polymer swiss stock and I'm not too crazy about the "Saw" grip but the rifle is pretty clean and appears well made. Sig has done some work on this rifle since they were first released so I'm hoping for an issue free product from Sig...then again the P238 was supposed to have been fixed before I purchased my HD and that ended up getting replaced. Sig is 0-1 so lets see if the "R" can get a little love back in the Sig camp. Take down is a little awkward and the placement of the some of the stuff on the rails is...problematic. The bayonet lug mounting point makes it hard to slide rail covers on from the front, and from the back there's not enough room for a longer cover section. The folding stock covers some of the right rear rail and Sig at least supplied some ladder covers and I covered those unused sections with the ladder section.

Bayonet Mounting Point Prevents Rails From Being Inserted From the Front.

This "Tooth" Keeps the Stock Captive While Folded

The Rail Cover Won't Fit Here w/ Stock in Folded Position, but the Supplied Ladder Cover Works Well. 

The gun has an A2 style bird-cage compensator, but the threading is 5/8 X24 and you can replace as needed. As front heavy as the SWAT is, I doubt you'll need much recoil reduction.

The rifle has several mounting points for a sling:
Rear Sling Mounting Point

Front Sing Mounting Point.
There's also a hole in the stock where a sling can be attached. I'll be posting some slings later, a CrossTac Ambi sling with HK hooks and the IRENE Sling with MASH hook and tie-down.

The rear sling mount pictured above can be changed to the right or left and as pictured on the left side of the rifle is too close to my nose so for now I've moved it to the other side. I'll either add to the butt-pad of the rifle or eventually add an AR stock tube and Magpul CTR so that I can add a riser and extended butt pad, but for now I'll probably just play around with a slip on butt pad.

I'll be stripping the gun this weekend, cleaning out the grease and hopefully will get the ACOG TA33R-13 sighted in.

More to follow...