Sunday, February 6, 2011

Don't Shoot the Messenger: Another Reason to Not Endorse Kimber...

ALE's pricey guns prove unreliable.

"ALE Director John Ledford said the Kimber pistols repeatedly suffered such problems as rounds jamming during training exercises, broken sights and the weapon's safety button sometimes falling off. He made a deal with a local firearms dealer to swap the pricey pistols for less expensive handguns without spending any additional money."

I'm sure that those guys are just haters and gun snobs and that there's really nothing wrong with the guns...

Oh, my favorite part.

"In an effort to fix the problems, Ledford contacted Ralph Karanian, the chief operating officer of Kimber America of Elmsford, N.Y. Karanian promised to fix the problems, and the company replaced a key spring on the pistols, according to the memo. Agents also fired as many as 1,500 rounds with each pistol on the suggestion they needed to be "broken in.""

If you buy crap, don't be surprised at the stink.

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