Firearms Training

ACADEMI (Formerly Blackhawk etc.)
Active Response Training
Cornered Cat Training
Fire Institute 
Firearms Academy of Seattle
FPF Training
Gunsite Academy
I.C.E. Training
InSights Training Center 
*General Defensive Handgun After Action Review
Langdon Tactical Inc.
*Langdon Tactical Technology: Two-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun: After Action Review

LMS Defense
Massad Ayoob Group
Sig Sauer Academy
Suarez Intl.
*AAR: Suarez Intl. Point Shooting Progressions - April 21-22 w/ Roger Phillips and Greg Nichols

Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) 
*Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) Pistol II & III After Action Review
*TDI Defensive Knife After Action Review 
*AAR: Tactical Defense Institute's Extreme Close Quarters (ECQ) 10/5-6/2013

**Partner Tactics Review Pending**

Thunder Ranch
Todd Green (
U.S. Shooting Academy
Vickers Tactical

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