Sunday, February 27, 2011

A little disgruntled...

So the wife and I have been NRA Certified to instruct in Basic Pistol for almost four years, we're going to get our cert. for the NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside of the Home (PPOH) this spring and we're looking around for "Train the trainer" type classes.

Lets be honest, "NRA Certified Instructor" is almost as non-impressing as a Cracker-Jack diamond ring. I've met good and bad NRA Instructors so you would think there would be available venues for instructor development out there. While there are some, there aren't many that accept non LE/Military personnel. What I've found so far that doesn't require you to be LE/MIL is Range Master in Tn that offers an instructor course and the Sig Academy appears to take us normal fold in their Instructor Development Courses, the Sig Academy is also GI Bill friendly, so it looks like next year we'll be off to NH to increase our skill set. There were one or two others, but they want you to go through "X" amount of their classes before offering an instructor type class, that's cool and makes sense that you want to have some basis of proof that it's not Joe Blow walking into your door wanting to be a trainer, but it would be nice if there were more options to aide in self improvement.

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