Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snagged the Benelli!

Managed to snag the Benelli I came across at a pretty good price.

Here's the seller's pics.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coming Soon to Marshalltown, Iowa. NRA Basic Pistol Course(s) & Iowa Permit to Carry Requalifications

We are finalizing an agreement with the Iowa River Gun Club (IRGC) that will allow us to use their range for the firing portion of the NRA Basic & First Steps Pistol courses. My wife and I will begin hosting classes so a womens' only class will be a possibility.

Class itself will be held at 201 W. State St (The RACOM building) Marshalltown, IA 50158 once arrangements with the range are finalized.

Course cost for the NRA courses will be $30, there will be a $10 range fee for non IRGC members. If you are looking to do a live fire requalification for your Permit to Carry Weapons, we can do that too on a person to person basis. IRGC members will not be charged for requalification shoots. A requal shoot will cost $25, group rates will also be available.

For further information and updates, see

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sig P238 HD Update

I ran the 238 a little today, another 100rds downrange and all is well thus far both with the old mag and the new. No failures what so ever and that was running the gun at speed.

Next up in testing will be more defensive ammunition as all I've ran right now has been Blazer Brass FMJ.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Way back when a friend and I were driving around somewhere in Ca. and he said "You know what we need?" to which I replied "Shotguns". It was a good answer.

Everyone should have a shotgun.

Lately I've been craving a semi-auto 12 gauge. Was thinking about a Mossberg 930 SPX but just came across a nice HK imported Benelli M1, hopefully I'll be able to snag it.

I don't know what it is about the M1, but I've wanted one for a long, long time and this would be nice piece to add to the collection and be especially nice now that IDPA is doing three gun etc.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Seeing a lot of traffic re: Iowa Open Carry....

So if you're reading this, sound off on your thoughts about it!

I'm wondering what the rest of the gun carrying (and even the non-gun carrying)persons int the state are thinking regarding this matter.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Quick Look at Condition 1 vs. Condition 3

This was the wife's idea, she apparently gets a lot of questions about this on her You Tube page regarding Condition 1 (Round in chamber) vs. Condition 3 (Magazine inserted, chamber empty). This isn't saying that you're right if you have one in the chamber, or that you're wrong if you don't have a round in the chamber.

Keep in mind that during this we both KNOW what's about to happen, and even knowing that she's about to be attacked, barely got shots off with a round in the chamber and didn't get any shots off with the chamber empty, even with no concealment garment to impeded her movements.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Open Carry in Iowa After SF 2379 Goes into Effect.

I haven't really touched on this matter as I am not that large of an open carry (OC) advocate. I have lived in a couple open carry states where the "Open Carry Movement" has been a big thing, those state's being PA and VA.

Currently open carry is legal in Iowa provided the following:

1: In unincorporated areas you may open carry without a permit while on foot. You may not OC in a vehicle without an Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons.

2: With an Iowa Permit to carry weapons. The Iowa permit is not a concealed carry permit no matter what some ill informed persons try to claim. However issuing authorities can currently restrict permits to being concealed carry permits.

3: Of course while on the range etc. / hunting trapping you can OC.

After the Jan. 1st 2011 the issuing authority will no longer be able to add restrictions. SF 2379 does not change Iowa's status as an OC w/ permit state. What has kept a lot of people from open carrying is that currently issuing authorities can revoke permits almost as easily as denying them outright and many think (and rightfully so) that a "Man with a gun" (MWAG) call from a "concerned" citizen could lead to their permit being revoked by a not so carry friendly  Sheriff. While I have not heard of this happening. It's not too hard to imagine.

It should also be noted that any permits issued prior to 1-1-11 can still be restricted and such restrictions would still be legal and valid until either the permit expires or an unrestricted permit is issued. If you live in a county known for jackassedness regarding permits, if you are not in immediate need of a permit, just wait till 1-1-11.

So where does that leave us post 1-1-11?

Winter Bullseye League: The Pre-Season

The local gun club is starting it's winter bullseye season. We shoot from November till the end of March, 50 ft NRA bullseye. November is the qual month, we shoot every Wednesday at the end of November they form teams. It's not as exciting as IDPA or USPSA but we can do it in the winter here and it is kind of fun.

I shot a 491 / 4X (600 / 40X possible) on Wednesday which is by far not my best score but it's better than my first shoot of last season by 1pt. One of the other shooters is lending me his Ruger MKII to let me see how I like it next week and one of the other guys has a Smith & Wesson model 41 that he might be selling so hopefully I can get my hands on that and try it out as well. Not that the Browning is lacking anywhere, but I've been wanting to see what else might fit me better.