Saturday, February 19, 2011

A minor rant...

"It's out of my price range" when applied to a gun that's maybe $200 more than the other model someone is looking at when that someone all ready has a decent collection of firearms.

Now I can see price range and budget being an issue for a first gun where one has nothing to fill a role with and they "need" a gun sooner rather than later. But if you have a stable of handguns, is saving a couple more months for something a little nicer that may fit your wants/needs better really that much of a burden? If you've got three pistols all ready, is the cost difference between a Sig and a Glock really that big a divide? Or the difference between a Sig and a HK? or a Springfield MILSPEC vs a Loaded? Now obviously there are some guns out there that are outrageously priced and I wouldn't scoff at someone telling me I'm nuts for shelling out what I did for my Nighthawk but it's not like we're talking about putting off a Taurus to save for an Ed Brown where the cost difference is more than 100%. For the most part, mid tier guns of similar design are all within a couple hundred of each other. I think people just are in too much of a hurry for self indulgence and the "but I want a new gun now" wins out over rational thought.

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