Saturday, February 26, 2011

Iowa Permit to Carry Classes, NRA Basic Courses, and Private Instrution

We have ventured in to our own training entity, Central Iowa Defensive Training and are offering the NRA Basic Pistol Course, and two Iowa specific carry classes covering open and concealed carry. We will also be expanding our curriculum this Summer to offer the NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside of the Home and a women's only course covering everything from empty hand to armed defense. We are also providing private instruction for those needing / wanting more specific instruction.

We will still be conducting classes in Traer and hopefully this summer we will also have the Marshall County Izaak Walton League as a hosting venue as well, if that works out well we will make efforts to bring in outside talent such as InSights Training, Suarez Intl., I.C.E. Training, and possibly an Aim Fast Hit Fast series of courses.

We are also able to provide live-fire qualification for permit renewals in accordance with SF2379.

We look forward to serving Marshalltown, Ames, Grundy Center, Waterloo and surrounding areas in providing good quality handgun training at a fair price in our your own back yard.

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