Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back from SHOT...

Going to be writing up a more elaborate piece later in the week, but off the top of my head some items of interest are:

Colt's RAIL GUN in black Cerakote, I didn't know this at the time but the rail guns have National Match barrels, kind of a nice upgrade for not a whole lot more money. Colt is now using genuine Novak rear sights and a beaver tail that is made in house. All the XSEs, Rail Guns, Gold Cups, Delta Elite, and Combat Elite will have the beaver tails. The when the re-issue of the Colt Mustang goes into production it will have dove-tailed sights to better compete with the Sig P238, if my 238 continues to give me grief, I may just get a new Mustang. No word yet on other Mustang variants.

Colt also has a new rifle coming out, an AR in .308 that will accept 5.56 uppers (MILSPEC of course) and with an adapter kit take 5.56 magazines. The rifle has a monolithic upper and came with a MAGPUL stock...I don't recall which right now, The stock is a VLTOR IMOD if I'm not mistaken.
it's been a long week, I'll scan the flier later on this week.

Galco finally listened to customer demand and is now carrying a dual offset loop IWB called the V-Hawk, it looked like a pretty good holster, reinforeced mouth, body shield and adjustable height which will also allow for switching out loops for clips etc. Should be a good choice for an "off the shelf" rig, the cost may be a little high, but Galco is pretty good stuff.

I'm still torn about the Kimber Solo carry, going to see what kind of reviews the get in the next few months, if I do decide to axe the P238 the Solo may be it's replacement. The running for the replacement is looking like this:

Kahr K9
NAA Guardian (.380)
Colt Mustang
Kimber Solo Carry

I saw lots of interesting knives, SOG has a Spec Elite Micro? that looked very promising and CRKT has a smaller Hissatsu folder that will probably be finding it's way to my door. Spyderco had some nice offerings as well.

More to come later in the week. Need to review some catalogs, finish a course curriculum, and get back to work at my main job, a week off sure was nice but I'm probably going to be behind the 8-ball for the next couple weeks because of it.

Also, if you're ever in Vegas, you need to see the Blue Man Group

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