Monday, January 30, 2012

HK P30S: Initial Thoughts

I've been wanting a P30S since HK announced their production two or three years ago, I like the idea of non-1911 pistols in 9mm that offer cocked and locked (C&L) carry, meaning that the chamber is loaded and there is a manual safety engaged.

I am a die-hard 1911 fan and have no illusions that I am done with 1911s by any means and the addition of this feature on  the P30 is very appealing as I can maintain familiarity with the drawing/firing process of a C&L platform. I've been very happy with the HK45 and the addition of the P30S will allow to to shoot more for less $$$, with the cost difference between 9mm and .45, I have the cost of the gun in just a few 1K ammo orders.

I've only got a couple hundred rounds through the gun so far, but plan on running the gun in this years trip to TDI's Partner Tactics Course (another advantage of the P30S is that we don't have to order two calibers of ammunition and can stick with 9mm as the wife will be running her Glock 19) as well as some other classes and of course, IDPA. As such, I'm not going to talk about two or three hundred "flawless rounds" as I should very well hope that a gun can go three hundred +/- rounds without hiccup.

So what I cam going to talk about is what I like/dislike about the P30S.

Some may be wondering why I chose the regular length P30S instead of the P30LS, well I'm  a big proponent of keeping varying carry platforms and methods as close together as possible, and my preferred carry holster is the Milt Sparks Versa-Max II which is/was not available for the yes, I actually chose my gun in part due to holster availability but it beats buying a gun and then not being able to find a holster for it. I know without a doubt that I like the VMII, most of my primary carry guns have ridden in one so why change?

From left to right: Les Baer SRP, HK45, Nighthawk Talon-Recon, Glock 19

As for the P30, the first thing anyone will talk about is the grip. I do have to say that this is probably the most customizable handgun grip on the market with what comes from the manufacturer.

Stock Photo from HK USA Website, P30 LEM shown
Three different back straps, and three different side panels allow the user to "custom fit" the gun to their hand. I've got it set up with the large back strap and large right side panel and it almost mirrors the feel of my HK45 with the large back strap. The left side back strap is the medium and I may change it to the small to reduce friction on my side when worn IWB.  

A nice feature of the P30 family is that the decocker is not operated by a frame mounted lever like the USP line, it took the de-cocker location of the P2000 and is a button located to the left of the hammer. What this means to us that use the P30S is a C&L manner, is that we don't have to worry about de-cocking the hammer by mashing down too hard on the safety lever.

Stock Photo from HK USA Website: HK P30S
The safety lever is also metal, a step up when compared to the USP and HK45 as far as I'm concerned. However this does mean that over time the safety will show the same discoloration as the slide stop levers and turn kind of a goldish bronze. Not really  a big issue, but I may have the small parts Cerakoted if the wear gets too bad. Time will tell.

**Edited to add: I also like that there is a "detent ball" of sorts under the left side safety lever (will add pics later) that makes the safety much more positive in it's engagement than the the USP or HK45. One other issue, is that when carried C&L, there is a cavernous amount of open space for dirt, lint, etc. to build up in the hammer & sear components..

As much as I like the operation of the de-cocker, one issue I can see happening is that while drawing or re-holstering using the "thumb cap" method that the de-cocker may be actuated and one may end up with a double action first shot when expecting a single action first shot. This will be something that I watch for and will report back later with my findings.

The gun itself is just slightly larger than the Glock 19 which is pretty much the quintessential concealed carry gun, and for me this is good as the grip on the Glock 19 is just a hair too short for my liking and the P30 is just the right size. Despite having a sub 4" barrel, the pistol is quite accurate and like most guns, is more than accurate enough for defense and competition purposes. The one issue I have with the gun is HK's choice of sights, like the HK45, the P30S has the "luminous" sights and I personally find the three-dot arrangement too busy and will be replacing the rear sight in "6-8 weeks" with some newly produced 10-8 rear sights (not yet released but coming soon) to hopefully get a less busy sight picture.

The reset of the gun is a little longer than I'm used too, but by no means intolerable. A trip out for some action work may be in the gun's future, but as of right now I'm OK with it as is.

Additional Pictures:

De-cocker location, note "cavernous" space inside hammer channel area

Additional view of lint trap.

Metal safety levers, each pinned to hammer axle

Thumb safety, note discoloration and detent

Friday, January 27, 2012

Semi-Auto, AR-Like .308s?

So I've been interested in picking up an ARish rifle in .308 and was previously looking at the Sig 716, Colt SP901, DPMS Mk12 and offerings from LMT and LWRC as well as the FN SCAR-17S. There's been a couple others poking their heads up such as the OBR and the Les Baer SWAT....

But here's the thing, I don't want to drop $3K on a rifle that I'm not going to shoot that much. Short of a little 'yote shooting and possibly some hog hunts, this rifle is not going to get shot much. Before the SP901 was revealed @ the 2011 SHOT Show, I was pretty much decided on the 716 but have been getting kind of turned off my Sig in the last year regarding some of the issues they've been having related to quality etc. So I was looking at the Colt and the Mark 12. DPMS is not on the top end of AR manufacturers and the Colt is still not available and in the mean time I saw this video from the Military Arms Channel (if you like youtube videos, check out their other vids, really good stuff)

And have to say that I am slightly intrigued by this rifle. Now there are some issues regarding the owners sensibilities or lack there of, but I'm all about the guns. With the shorter rail and light profile barrel I can stay under 9lbs, something that most of the above listed guns can not do AND use PMAGS (I need to verify this but saw some video if the gun firing and it appeared to be using them) which is what I prefer as for some reason I have half a dozen 7.62X51 PMAGs in my basement.

For once, I am even thinking about not getting a black rifle as the tan looks pretty cool.

XCR-M "Mini" with 16" "Heavy Profile Barrel"

XCR-M "Mini" with 16" "Heavy Profile Barrel"

So...still waiting for pricing on the SP901 to come out and need to do some research on the Robinson Arms and see how the weight changes with barrel profile, would rather have the heavy barrel, what the price looks like, and of course if it takes a readily available magazine.

Home is where....

The heart is...supposedly.

This is the first time I've made a post about something that wasn't directly related to guns, after all the name of the place is Guns, Guns, and More Gosh Darn Guns, not Guns, Guns, and More Gosh Darn Guns plus some random crap about my day or what I had for dinner etc.

But this one was just too close to home not to share.

I'm prior service Marine Corps, and did in fact leave Active Duty as a "Terminal Lance" although that in itself is a whole other story.

There's a web-comic (also featured in The Marine Corps Times) called "Terminal Lance" and while it is geared mainly towards Marines of the '03' persuasion (it really is a persuasion and not just a job field) I follow it with great interest and down right joy. Despite being a POG (person other than grunt) I did spend a fair amount of time within an Infantry Line Company and even then not all of his strips are Infantry Specific and any Marine can enjoy his work/writings.

Today's strip had me nodding quite a bit with this block of text:

"You’ll meet new people, see new things–new worlds even; and they won’t even begin to understand it. Going home will never be the same again, and being home for too long finds you in the precarious position of wishing you were gone again. The very idea of home becomes a distant memory, because it’s never the same as it was. It’s not that home has changed, in fact it’s remained largely the same. Sure, maybe some new stores or restaurants popped up while you were gone, but it’s hardly any different."
 I'm originally from Michigan and enlisted the fall after graduating high school and not much has changed, even after being out for almost 10 years. I no longer consider Michigan my home, much more now after my mother's passing. For the most part I consider Pennsylvania home, but that again is a different story.

The service, especially the Marine Corps can change your life in so many ways. I owe the Corps a great deal. It taught me a whole lot of things, landed me in my current profession, introduced me to my wife, helped me buy our first home...the benefits of that service have paid off in spades. The one thing it took from me is home, and that is one thing I gave up willfully and ultimately have no regrets over. While there are certain aspects of "home" that I miss, as a whole I have no desire to return.

Sorry for the rambling, in other news....

I've got my P30S!

HK P30S 9mm

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zombie Rush: Strawmen invade Iowa Capitol against Castle Doctri...

Good deal,

Despite some attempts at fear mongering, the "Stand Your Ground Bill" has made it out of subcommittee. Hopefully it will be kept alive and make it to the House this year.

Zombie Rush: Strawmen invade Iowa Capitol against Castle Doctrine

Monday, January 23, 2012

Coffee Anyone? Support Starbucks!

Starbucks' "Pro-Gun" Policy Prompts Gun Victims' Advocate Group to Launch Nationwide Boycott on Valentine's Day 2012

In light of the "Light a Candle" and it's success through the blogosphere, I'm thinking that guns & coffee pictures should be the order of the day this Valentines day. If you live in an open carry state and that's your thing, and openly display support of Starbucks lack of prohibiting guns it's all you.

I do believe I am an hour from the closest Starbucks, but may very well make the trip.

"WHY STARBUCKS?  Currently, Starbucks allows guns and assault weapons to be openly carried in its stores (in 43 states) and concealed and carried in its stores (in 49 states) (See Photos). Starbucks' compliance with the National Rifle Association's Pro-Gun Agenda was exposed in 2010 when members of the "open carry" movement began meeting in popular chains, such as California Pizza Kitchen, Peets, IKEA, Disney and Starbucks openly carrying their handguns and assault rifles. (Types of Guns)
To protect their customers and employees, all of the retail chains—except for Starbucks— banned guns from being carried in their stores."
Good on 'em. And I for one will continue to drink their over priced coffee because of it.

So come Valentines day, please join me in support of Startbucks with a pictures of Guns & Starbucks coffee or other Starbucks products purchased on Valentines day. If you're like me and don't have a Starbucks within easy distance, Walmart had Starbucks brand Coffee and gift cards.

Laugh of the day....

"...any product covered under an unlimited lifetime warranty will see more warranty work than any item covered under a limited coverage limited time warranty.... it makes sense to use it if you have it and conversely you cant use what you dont have ."

Said as a justification as to why most people I know that work in gun shops see more Taurus products being sent back for repair than any other brand. Sorry pal, the reason a product sees more warranty work is BECAUSE IT KEEPS BREAKING, that is what most sensible people I know call a clue.

Never mind that most of these guns are not even 3 years old when they break, and are more commonly returned within the first few hundred rounds.

One member of a forum put together this brief list...

"I've responded to a couple of Taurus threads recently, and I was asked to start a new thread that would likely become a sticky....

My dislike of Taurus is no secret. Honestly, if someone GAVE me a new Taurus, I would not keep it . One only need look at many guns on the store shelves. The quality on many of them is horrendous. One only also need look on the various forums. A high percentage of them have problems straight out of the box, or on the first range trip.

I realize that human nature is to complain instead of praise... But, the % of complaints (on all the various gun forums) about Taurus against other brands of guns doesn't even compare. And the stories of dealing with their customer service are maddening. Sometimes they send guns back MULTIPLE times without doing ANYTHING. I've seen some threads go for 18 months, where a person goes thru the Taurus "experience" in getting their gun fixed. It's just ridiculous...

I didn't start saving Taurus threads until a few months ago - so, unfortunately, I don't have some of the more depressing stories I have read. But here are a few:

Taurus Customer Service (TCP 738))

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Yeah, these all saw service due to the lifetime of the gun warranty.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kimber has offically lost their stinkin' mind....

A Colt Mustang / Sig 238 knock-off @ $1400 (w/ Crimson trace laser grips) / $1100 (without laser grips)

Kimber Micro CDP

Hey guys, ummm maybe you should try and fix the Solo first? A Sig 238 in Kimber clothing? What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, that was a rhetorical question..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guns & Coffee: Mossberg HerpDerp SPX


Guns & Coffee: Mossberg HerpDerp SPX: I mean levergun SPX... Let's put it this way; I like the handguard, I can see the usefulness of rails on any rifle.  Personally, I don't want them on my lever rifles, but hey. On the other hand, the rest of your gun looks like you drug it through the Tapco booth with a shit magnet on the ass-end. Stop it.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

"Hi Everyone,

First off, I know zero about guns but have a fun project for you guys and gals to think about. I have an old black 1970 fleetwood and would like to put some bullet holes in the drivers door or trunk lid. Of course these items will be off the vehicle. When the job is done I plan to paint and plug the back of them. Any idea what kind of gun to use? Bullets? Any member interested in doing this in the RI, MA area? Just want clean holes, not something that will obliterate the entire door or trunk.

Thanks in advance.

Oh yes, I did not make this clear enough. I am not going to do this, no nothing about guns, so need someone who can in RI, MA area."

You just can't make this stuff up...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Started in IDPA

A decent article for those looking to learn more about IDPA. It's often been said that the hardest thing you'll ever do is going to your first match and the easiest thing you'll ever do is going to your second match.

I highly advocate that everyone that carries a gun for defense shoot at least one match. As that other saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know" and a couple matches will definitely clue you in to what you need to work on and is a great way to test out your carry rig etc.

Getting Started in IDPA

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sig P238 No More...

After going through all the rigmarole of getting a working P238 I found myself not carrying it nearly as much as I thought I would mainly due to some troublesome findings in one of the counties I work in. As a result of those findings I thought in beneficial to start carrying a big honkin' gun that if I were to find myself in a scrape I wouldn't be wishing for a larger handgun (wishing for a rifle or crew-served weapon is another case all together) so the P238 kind of hung out in the safe. Sure I tested it out and made sure it was a functioning model but it just never saw much use.

While making the rounds I came across a Colt Detective Special circa 1977 and it was in pretty nice shape. I move the 238 and came out bucks up to snag the Dick Special and have some $$$ left over.

Almost too nice to shoot...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seriously Ruger? Seriously?

Now don't get me wrong, some of the zombie movies/books are a guilty pleasure of mine, not to the extent that I'm going to buy any of this goofy crap but if I were to choose a gun on it's Zombie Killing ability, a pocket Kel-tec Ruger .380 would NOT be my first choice of firearms.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke it: A Tough Year for Gun Control’s Brady Campaign

I generally don't wish ill will to any particular sect, gender, club or creed, but if there's on group I'd like to see smacked down with a rolled up issue of The 1st Freedom, it's the Brady Campaign.


 A Tough Year for Gun Control’s Brady Campaign

More bad news for Brady: Collating their scorecards with FBI violent crime shows that right-to-carry (RTC) states — where law-abiding citizens have broader rights to carry a concealed handgun — are becoming safer over time, compared to Brady’s “safest” states, which don’t give citizens such rights. (The graph below displays states’ average violent crime rates by RTC status, with the percentage difference in green.) As of 2010, RTC states were 35.0% safer than non-RTC states, and had a 41.9% lower murder rate, too:

Brady gave RTC states an average scorecard value of 9.0 in 2010, while non-RTC states averaged 51.3. According to Brady, non-RTC states are safer because they enforce more gun control laws such as firearm registration, waiting periods of up to 10 days before you can pick up the gun you already bought, and bans on magazines containing over 10 rounds of ammunition. In Brady’s imaginary world, the above violent crime values would be reversed.

Savvy analysts will rightfully note the above correlations aren’t necessarily significant, and that’s the point: Brady claims that guns cause violence, yet they are unable to cite one comprehensive, significant dataset to corroborate their claims. Instead, they select factoids to support their propaganda, all rendered invalid upon examining the entire source data.
This is why the Brady Campaign is losing credibility, influence, and revenues. By the end of 2009 — the latest year for which data are publicly available — Brady’s total net assets were negative $564,123. Between 2006 and 2009, Brady’s total revenues dropped from $4,636,210 to $4,004,014, including investment income and royalties.