Sunday, June 17, 2012

Waterloo, IA Black Hawk Pistol Club's June IDPA Match

The IDPA monthly match for June is SATURDAY the 30th @ the Cedar Valley Pistol Range (CVPR) on Rt 63 between Waterloo and Hudson just west of the John Deere Implement.
As mentioned previously, any updates/changes to this match will be posted at the  iliowa practical shooters forum (sign up is free) and our Facebook page.

We're looking to do six stages with a round count between 85-100.

Match Fee is $15.00, $12 for BHPC Members.

Match times are as follows:
Setup: 07:00/07:30
Sign in: 08:30
New Shooter Orientation: 09:00
Safety brief - stage walk through: 09:30
Shooting starts: 10:00

IDPA Tips of the month:
Only two magazines may be worn on the belt, additional magazines may be carried on your person, but should you use them, you will receive a 3 second penalty PER magazine used.

Regarding cover garments, they need to conceal your pistol and magazines with your arms raised straight out at your shoulders. This also means that you gear needs to not be visible. Hunting vests etc. that are a majority mesh material are a no go if we can see your equipment under the vest. Mesh vents are OK provided we can not see your pistol and reloads etc.

ALSO MAKE SURE TO BRING WATER and hydrate before the match.

If you are able to be there early for set up, any and all help is appreciated!

Hope to see you there!

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