Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blackhawk! Serpa: Just Say No!!!!

The Point Blank Truth: Blackhawk SERPA Holster Warning: I know that cost is always an issue in gear selection so I try to consider all factors before transitioning from "harsh criticisms" to out-right trashing.  There are few things that I believe all consumers in the shooting community should avoid like the fucking plague ; one being the Blackhawk SERPA holster ( being another) ....
~Insert gratuitous amount of Serpa Failures / List of Trainers and Establishments prohibiting use of the Serpa here~

....In the end, even if you are one who is of the mind that proper training can overcome the ND/trigger finger issue, the fact remains that the holster can easily be broken and rendered inoperable in several ways.  That alone is reason enough for me to shit-can it.

Just passing this along. Nothing I can really add or subtract other than to say that there is rumor going round that Blackawk is working on redesigning the Serpa...

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