Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update: Semi-Auto, AR-Like .308s

In an update to THIS post, there are two more options that I've been looking at over the last couple of days.

The DPMS "Recon" .308

And the Armalite AR10A
Difference between the Armalite AR10 and 10A is that the 10A will accept PMags etc.

Between the two guns, I like how the "Recon" comes equipped from the factory, but it only carries a 3 year warranty while the Armalite has a Limited Lifetime warranty. Guess which warranty I favor?

I'm wondering what kind of deal I can snag one of the Armalites, if I can find a dealer willing to order me one for cost, I think I'll get one and just outfit as desired.

Another rifle that hit the market this year that I was looking at with a sideways glance was the Bushmaster .308 MOE, but that's a ONE year...and 10 day...thanks guys, that's just super considerate of you warranty...I've been kind of sour with Bushmaster over their mishandling of the ACR.

Looking at all the variables, I'll probably be spending my money with Armalite as I just can't justify the cost of a LWRC, LMT, etc. If I was looking to attend a carbine class or get into 3-gun with this rifle it might be a different story, but for some occasional plinking, maybe a hog hunt here and there in the future, I think the Armalite 16" with some upgrades will do just fine.

If Colt would get off their arse and get some SP901s out that might still be a contender, but it's been well over a year since they were released @ the 2011 Shot Show and no one's getting them yet. There are AR10As and DPMS "Recon" models all ready in the hands of users. Colt, I'd really like to buy one, but a gun in the hand beats one on order.

 The FN Scar 17S is still of interest as well. The only draw back is the proprietary magazine.


  1. Rhine is asking 1449 for the AR10A here in Ankeny.

  2. Thanks, hopefully by the time I'm ready to buy they'll still be legal to own. :(

    Should I be ready to buy, I'll check them out.