Saturday, July 23, 2011

Closing in on 3K with the HK45

Since April, between various range trips, three USPSA matches, two IDPA matches and two days at TDI I'm quickly approaching the three-thousand mark on the HK45. The gun has seen little cleaning and has ran without incident. Sometime during the first major cleaning I noticed that the O-ring on the barrel was a little frayed and replaced it. I'm unsure of the round count as the gun was used and the previous owner was active in IDPA/USPSA as well, but the gun doesn't show that much wear even though it's seen draws from Kydex and leather.

The added ambi safety is wearing in nicely as well are my hands, I'm getting calluses in some new spots, most noticeably on the middle finger of my right hand where the mag release rubs a little funny. The gun carries well and It's been primary carry for a couple of months now and rides great in the Milt Sparks VMII. Since shooting the gun I'm improved my points down on the IDPA classifier from 51 to 37, I need to go over the stages and compare my times/pts down to the last two classifiers etc. to see where my times have changed, what's neat is that I also made match most accurate and second most accurate in the last two IDPA matches which I had not done prior to running the HK45, to put it simply the gun and I agree with each other.  The reloads are getting smoother, but I still need to work on them more and USPSA is really good for getting reloading practice.

I'm probably going to replace the trigger return spring in the near future, as robust as the HK design is the one part that has a history for going out is that spring. As I'm  unsure of the round count and seeing that I'm averaging around 700+/- rounds a month (the TDI course is skewing that average big time) and plan on shooting two more matches this month I figure it's better safe than sorry regarding the replacement of the spring.

The gun has digested mainly nickel cased Remington UMC 230gr FMJ but at two matches I burnt through some of the older defensive ammo, mixed batches of 230 gr samples of the following:
Speer Gold Dots, Hydra-Shoks & HSTs, and a ton of Remington Golden Sabers. Again, zero failures of any sort, the gun came with nine magazines and all seem to work well, even when slightly caked with mud.

Overall I couldn't be happier with this gun, the one thing I don't particularly like is the blued magazines, the finish of the slide may be very durable but the magazines were getting a little rusty, but then again with the rampant humidity and my lack of cleaning magazines of late, I suppose it's excusable. I'm torn on the idea of having the mags refinished in Cerakote etc. as magazines are a consumable commodity when it comes to pistols, eventually they are going to have to be taken out of service and replaced.

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