Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beware the Desert Eagle...

Or better known as the "D'eagle", my wife has a thing about movies, if the people aren't doing anything on the cover, it's probably not going to be that good.

The same can probably be said of any cover or trailer that features anyone with a Desert Eagle, the only exception to that rule was probably "The Rundown" as the Desert Eagle was only featured in about the last five minutes of the film and "Snatch"

Prime example  of what I'm talking about...

Will Farrel and Marky Mark (I just can't stop referring to Mark Wahlberg as that) in a movie with Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson and it totally bit the dust, above you see dual wielded Desert Eagles.

For a list of movies that you can probably safely avoid, all one has to do is visit Magnum Research's own website where they have a "In the media page". Surprisingly there's a few not so bad movies listed there such as:

The Crow
The Boondock Saints
The Game 
Get Shorty
Gone in 60 Seconds...

But then you have movies like:

If Looks Could Kill
Robocop III 
Tremors III
Charlies Angels

And many, many others where the D'eagle has had a better film career than some of the main actors. Every time I see a Desert Eagle pop up on screen it spurns a mild groan and in some cases a death knell for the movie.


  1. Well this helps me a lot. As I try to enter the field of movies that have more "action" than Groundhog Day, I now know what to avoid.

  2. I actually kind of liked Groundhog Day...