Saturday, June 11, 2011

1500ish Rounds Through the HK45 So Far...

I got the gun at the end of April and so far between a couple of range sessions, one IDPA match, one USPSA match, and a couple of classes have shot somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500+ rounds as of today. I polished off the remaining 1200 rds that I bought to take to TDI and was able to shoot some after a class today. The gun continues to wow me, it hasn't had much of  a cleaning, the mags got nice and muddy this afternoon working reload drills as that is the one area that's still giving me a little grief but I'll get there.

The ambi safety from a USP Compact is still working well with both right and left hand manipulation. ill probably do a good once over on the gun and detail clean the magazines to get the mud and little chunks of grass out of them and will be running the gun tomorrow @ the Blackhawk Pistol Clubs monthly USPSA match.

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