Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Story of My First Gun Purchase.

A thread popped up on DC regarding why did you buy your first gun and it got me thinking of my first firearms purchase which was my fourth firearm as my first three came from my dad.


Well this is kind of a funny story.

My FIRST gun was a present from my father, as well as my 2nd and 3rd.

The fist gun that I bought was my Bushmaster AR.

It was during my post deployment leave in July of 2003 and I had just blown off meeting Lima in WI to hook back up with my ex, we had patched things up and I was going to propose to her...later (before I could pop the question) I found out about her and a little coke problem and broke things off, after I had all ready bought "The Ring."

I took the ring back to the jewelry store and told the clerk that I need to return an item, the clerk took the box and opened it and obviously recognized it as a wedding set and asked me what happened. I told him it was a long story and then he asked me what I was going to do. There was a gun show that day and I told him I was going to go buy a gun and his face turned as white as a sheet. I can only guess that he thought I was either going to gun down my ex or the jewelry store or something to that effect. I quickly explained my upbringing around guns, military service and the fact that I just liked guns and calmed his nerves. Why did I buy it? I just wanted one and thought that an AR variant was a fine "Welcome back" present to myself.

On a side note, the Bushmaster is now Lima's as I have my Noveske and she finds it very fitting that she is now in possession of the rifle that was funded by the return of a wedding ring that should have been hers in the first place... 

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