Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sig 238 Troubles

A while back I posted about wanting a Sig 238 HD. I picked one up last month and sadly I have to say that I should have waited a little longer. Initial testing was 50/50. While the gun fed Speer Gold Dots, Hornady Critical Defense, Remington Golden Saber and both Winchester and Remington UMC FMJ loads; I did have several failures to extract the spent casing and a couple failures for the slide to lock open on empty. I also found several casings that were mangled.

I took the gun home and cleaned it, went back out to the range about a week later and shot another 50rds of the UMC through the gun and experienced another failure to extract as well as several more failures to lock open on empty.

Also of note is that the recess in the slide where the slide stop engages was starting to peen itself on the slide stop.

 A quick call to Sig and I had the UPS label in my inbox and the Sig is arrived back in NH today for repairs which have a 4 - 6 week estimate.


  1. Good to see they're fixing it for you though. I know if we ever get CCW around these parts it's on my list of possibilities.

  2. Well as soon as that Doyle is out it "should" happen. I have family up near Osh Kosh and it sure would be nice to carry when visiting. Sure I could OC, but the last thing I want is a rotten encounter while on vacation.