Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Been Said Time and Time Again...

Having the right belt really does make a difference.

While my precious belt was tough/sturdy enough for carry duty, two of my favorite 1911 OWBs have 1-3/4" slots while my belts have been 1.5". I was noticing a hitch in my draw and finally caved in and bought a 1-3/4" belt from 5.11 to use for those two holsters and it really does make a difference.

So, just for the sake of redundancy, having a good belt that is of appropriate quality to carry a load and matches the slots of your holster really is a must. You don't have to spend $50+ for a good belt, the 5.11 belt while no stellar piece of work is low cost and seems serviceable, if I can wear this thing out I'll let you know.

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