Monday, February 8, 2010

The AR Wishlist.

I've had my Bushmaster since Sep of '03 and my Noveske for about a year. I think I've finally decided on what I want to do with them.

My Noveske is a 16" mid-length and I think this is going to be the route I take with it.

American Defense RECON X (Extended) Scope Mount with 30mm rings: My current optic choice is a Millet DMS, if I like the set up I'll probably go with a Trijicon AccuPoint 1-4X, the main reason for these choices in optics is that I am horribly left eye dominant and unless I start shooting lefty I can never get a clean sight picture with a red dot without closing my left eye. If I'm going to shoot with one eye, I might as well have the option of magnification and I really don't want both a red dot and a magnifier mounted, I want a simple set up not some Swiss Army Black Rifle Mutation.

BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle: Both the Bushmaster and Noveske will be getting these, actually I think I might go ahead and order one handle today...I always hated the tiny handle and these look much more sturdy than the current enhanced latches that I have on both guns.

Magpul ACS: I just like the lines of this stock better than the EMOD etc. It still looks like it will give a comfortable spot weld and still allow LOP adjustment.  

Daniel Defense Omega Rail 9 Mid Length : While I don't want to mount a corkscrew, GPS unit, stapler and chainsaw bayonet to my gun, a quad rail may come in handy for a light or bipod etc. and I don't want to mess with having to alter the rifle. The Omega rail should just drop right on.

Magpul AFG (Angle Forward Grip): I love this thing and about jumped for joy when I saw it's release. I am not fond of vertical foregrips and this looks like just the ticket.

Both guns will probably get the MIAD grip kit as well.

For the Bushmaster which is an older ban model with an A2 receiver I'm going to take simpler approach, as previously stated, the charging handle and the grip are going to get changed out, but other than that the rifle is probably going to stay as is and I'm most likely just going to outfit it with a Trijicon Reflex with the handle mount and 6.5" MOA dot.

If anything it will make for a fun shopping experience and the Noveske shouldn't look overloaded with crap either, the rifle has a very sleek appearance and I'd hate to take away from that.

When all is done it should look close to this:


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