Sunday, August 12, 2012

Update: Bowie Tactical P30S w/ Delta Point

Ran the Bowie Tactical / HK  P30S again @IDPA today in Ames, IA with the emitter taped over to get better acquainted with the irons, I could have shot Open Div. in USPSA today, but want to get better with the more familiar sights before really diving into the red dot...well that and I just felt like shooting with the guys in Ames.

I'm having trouble tracking the front sight, need to paint it and may possibly have a tritium vial installed in it. On a good note I was running some hotter ammunition and did not have any failures of any sort. Previously I was having some random failure to feed issues. Not sure if was from the refinished slide which seems to be a little tighter than pre-coating or if the added mass of the Deltapoint had anything to do with it, all I know was that I had no issues while running Winchester Ranger T NATO ammo today. After a couple hundred more I'll try some standard velocity 124gr FMJ and some 115gr FMJ and see what kind of results I have.

On a P30 only note, the slim slide stop lever assy. I installed has fixed my failure to lock open on empty issue.

Had some decent Bill Drill runs @ 10 (4.13), 7(3.53), and 5 yards(2.42), was down 2 for the stage, forget n which strings but think I dropped 1ea on the closer targets.

Head shots with the irons took a little more work. Still need to get to the in-door range and properly sight in the Delta Point.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the gun, I'm still shooting the 1911 better, but it will take some time to get used to something different.

On another topic, Suarez International is holding some Red Dot Equipped Pistol specific training classes,

in October, unfortunately I won't be able to partake this time around but will be looking for these offerings in the future.

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