Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Your Gun is a POS...

That's just the flat out truth.

I don't care what brand or brands you have, someone out there doesn't like it and thinks it's a piece of crap.

Learn to deal with it and don't act like someone kicked your dog when they don't like your gun.

If you come across a gunsmith or an instructor that doesn't like your flavor of Kool-aid, big flopping whoop. It's OK for them to not like your gun, before you get all puffed out and flustered over the affair, it might do you well to ask why they don't like your gun. You might be surprised about what you learn.

Sometimes you may just want to smile and nod, but at other times it may just shed enough light on some unknown issues and make you rethink your choice of firearm.

I don't like Taurus and Kimber

David Bowie doesn't like HKs and Springfield XDs. I have both and one of my HKs is at his place right now pending work and while he may talk smack about my HKs while we're on the line @ TDI, I'm still shooting pretty well with it and it works well for me, despite being "over priced Euro-Trash" and I'm cool with that.

Grant Cunningham doesn't like 1911s, and some people on a 1911 forum about flipped their lid and were amazed that he'd taint his customer base etc.and that they would consider not sending him revolvers for work. That wouldn't stop from from sending him a revolver for tuning (Oh how I wish he was accepting work, I'd send him my Colt Detective Special in a heart beat) what do I care if one of the best revolver smiths around doesn't like 1911s?

Rob Pincus and James Yaeger share his sentiments.

Your gun sucks.

Deal with it.


  1. I don't like Taurus, Kimber, H&K, XDs, or I the evil conglomeration of all those guys? If so, I want Yeager's beard and Bowie's bodyfat level!

  2. Man, if I knew you wanted a beard I would have saved mine when I shaved it off. With a little bit of miracle grow and some glue you could have had something!

  3. Guess that means everyone love sig.

    1. Jimmie,

      That's only if it's a German made Sig, if it's a New Hampshire gun, it's a POS.