Friday, December 2, 2011

Cental / North East Iowa IDPA Update +

So in some previous posts I mentioned some upcoming changes in IDPA in the Waterloo area.

Wolf Creek IDPA appears to be a no-go for 2012, but Blackhawk Pistol Club (BHPC) has decided to take on IDPA in addition to USPSA monthly shoots.

I've been approached to help out and will initially be acting as match director for a few matches, maybe the whole season but hopefully we'll get some of the new shooters from 2011 up to speed  and willing to step in.

There will be a lot of familiar faces from past USPSA and IDPA shoots and it will be good to see those folks again. We're entertaining the idea of holding matches on Saturday instead of Sunday, or maybe just a few Saturday matches throughout the season to see how they do.

There's  a bunch of us looking to obtain the IDPA SO Cert. so hopefully that will help us run the new club.

There's sure to be some hurdles to overcome, but it will be a fun and enjoyable shooting experience as BHPC has been doing a great job with USPSA this last year and it's sure to only get better. Talk of a 2013 Iowa State IDPA Match is also floating around as the range where BHPC holds it's shoots is being expanded.

In other news, it's 03:26am and my wife is NOT in active labor like we thought she was, the house remodeling is almost year+ into a 9 week job and work has been hectic, so please excuse the lack of content over the last few months.

If you'd like to learn more about the BHPC, there is an active segment at the Iliowa (Illinois/Iowa) Practical Shooters Forum

In other news, I'm shoring up my training calendar for 2012 and it looks like the wife and I are in for a good time.

I'll finally be attending a Suarez Intl. Point Shooting Progressions Class with Roger Phillips, this is a class I've been wanting to attend for a while, don't let the title fool you, there's more to it than just point shooting.

The wife and I will be attending TDI's Partner Tactics Course, yet another course we've been wanting to take forever, we would have done this last year but her pregnancy interfered with those plans.

I'm also wanting to attend Todd Green's Aim Fast / Hit Fast in Indianapolis in Oct of 2012, but it's not open for registration yet.

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