Saturday, May 21, 2011

The HK45 Does It Again...

At the end of the range session of Day 1 of the NRA Basics of Personal Protection  Outside of the Home....geez that's a long title...we'll just call it PPOH from here on out. Anyway, at the end of the range session the instructors placed some "reactive" targets on two backers, they were about 2" x 2" squares that combusted when struck. it took a couple of tries but when we were all (class of 10) on our third time up my wife got the first square on her second attempt with the HK45 having never shot it before and I got the other one soon after. We probably would have gotten them sooner but for some reason we were having a disconnect on why we were shooting high, switching to a 6 o'clock hold did the trick and we wiped out the squares.

As for the PPOH course itself, I'll comment on that later, like after I have my credentials in my hand later.

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