Friday, April 8, 2011

Sig P238 Update

I haven't posted much on my P238HD lately, in all honesty since receiving the Nighthawk it's been sitting in the safe a bit, the cooler weather of early Spring has allowed for the carry of the big gun.

However, as my last range trip with the P238 yielded a couple more out of round case mouths I've been kind of leery about taking it back out. Yesterday I contacted Sig Customer Service and requested a flat recoil spring which is rumored to be the greatest thing since toast (come on, it's sliced bread that's been heated almost to the point of has to be better than sliced bread alone) and they're sending one out to me so when it arrives I'll do another test of 100 more rounds on the old spring and 100-200 rounds on the new flat spring and see what happens.

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