Friday, January 7, 2011

Sig P238 Update: 1-7-11

So I went out and started testing the extended magazine for the P238, I fired about 60+ rounds, didn't have much time to do more,  and wasn't tracking every round like my previous testing. All seemed well until I started picking up casings and found three or four badly crushed casings.

The extractor doesn't seem to have moved so now I'm wondering if I've all ready worn out the recoil spring  with my test efforts. On a good note the gun itself ran well with the new magazine with no feed issues and the gun is extracting spent cases. Probably going to order some Wolff replacement springs and see if there's any change. If there's no change it will be time to call Sig (again) and rain on their parade some more.

Rounds fired yesterday consisted of Black Hills 100gr FMJ (Factory new) and some handloads a friend made up.

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  1. Thanks for the review I did not know the extended mags were out yet, I've had good luck with my P238 thus far.