Friday, December 31, 2010

Over the Last Year All My "EDC" Has Changed...

Looking over my last few posts, I've come to realize that almost all my carry gear has been replaced / upgraded.

I've replaced my Colt Mustang with the Sig P238, I've replaced my main carry/competition gun, the Les Baer TRS wit my Nighthawk Bob-Rail, my SOG Spec Elite & CRKT Hissatsu have (or rather are going to be) replaced by a Benchmade Griptilian (this reminds me, forget those Kudos to SOG, my replacement belt clip still hasn't shown up) and the KA-BAR TDI ankle knife. The Streamlight PT1L is a new addition and has all ready proved useful both while at work and abroad.

I have not been in the habit of carrying a light for the last couple of years, not for lack of interest, just lack of a nice compact light that had a high output. I wanted a Surefire E1B, but didn't want to pay that kind of money for a light. The PT1L has "better" features and is a fraction of the cost of the E1B. I can honestly say that the PT1L has left the house with me every day since it's arrival from Brownells.

Regarding the knives, the Griptilian or whatever folder I happen to be carrying is primarily for utility purposes while my fixed blade is primarily for defense. I'm very happy with the Griptilian thus far, once I get a proper sheath for the TDI it will probably be a favorite.

Now don't think for a minute that I carry ALL of this stuff at once, I don't. For the most part I'm a one gun guy but I do generally carry two knives and the light.

About the only thing that has remained constant is my choice in holster makers, Milt Sparks, UBG, HBE, and DGL are still my go to guys for leather. Hopefully my Milt Sparks Versa Max II (VMII) for my Nighthawk will be done this month and pending on certain variables, I will probably be replacing my Alessi PSS with a UBG Regulator or other OWB. The PSS is nice and all, but it's starting to lose it's overall rigidity and not holding up as well as I'd hoped, meanwhile my wife's Regulators are taking a licking and still look fantastic and cost about half what the PSS does.UBG really does make a great product for less $$$ than you'd expect to pay. I'm actually kind of kicking myself for paying $150 for that PSS only to turn around and replace it with a $75 holster after using it in only two matches and gentle carry. I'm starting to have a real hard time suggesting any other holster makers than UBG and DGL, while I still feel the VMII is the best IWB out there, if you can't wait six months, Nate and Rhome will definitely take good care of you.

Also, stay tuned in for scoop from SHOT Show, that's right, JD & Lima are heading to Vegas!

I've been compiling a list of vendors to visit, if there's anything in particular you want info on, don't be to shy to ask.

Some items of interest all ready are going to be the Ruger MK77 Gunsite Scout Rifle, the Colt 100yr Anniversary models, and of course I need to go to Nighthawk and shake all their hands as the Talon continues to wow me at every range trip.

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