Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Nighthawk Talon Bob-Rail

No, that's not a typo. My Nighthawk is a bobtailed, railed, 5" 1911.

Start with your basic Talon, add a Recon frame, bobtail it, add chainlink texture, cover it in hard chrome, add an ambi safety (For IDPA and's a Kimber ambi safety, the guys at NHC like them) have the barrel crowned and hard chromed while they are at it along with all the other small parts, have the slide cut for Heinie Straight 8 Ledge sights with the .156" rear notch and have the rear of the slide serrated to match the sights, then sent out for "Diamond Black (Ion Bonde DLC) and you get this:

Nighthawk Custom Talon+

Yeah, that's me.

 Here's some close ups of the gun as I'm pretty sure no one wants to see more pictures of me.

VZ G10 Black Cherry 320s with the NHC logo.

Chain Link Front Strap
Chain Link Mains Spring Housing (MSH) to Match

Serrated Rear of Slide and Heinie Straight 8 Ledge Rear Sight

Crowned Muzzle Flush with Bushing, note the GI Plug

Overall I am very pleased with how this gun came out. The original grips were Cocobolo, I special ordered the VZs last week anticipating it's arrival and I think they look very good on the gun. Just a hint of color without being too bright. Should have some range time this weekend and will post updates.

Oh, the replacement Sig 238 came in today too but for some reason I just don't feel like fondling it tonight.

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