Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to the drawing board.

With the local club's IDPA Season Opener behind me I can honestly say that I suck at reloading.

The fist course of fire (COF) titled "Speed Run" should have been renamed "The Jam-o-matic Gauntlet" or put more simply "Laugh @ JD". The 200gr plated semi-wadcutters that did so well on the bench choked the Baer quite badly, I switched to the "trusty" 100rd box of Winchester White Box kept in the gun case and all went well on the next 8 stages, they probably would have let me re-shoot "Speed Run" which took me a not so leaisurely 5_._ _ to complete to the average 20._ _ that everyone else on the squad ran, but it was however a FANTASTIC malfunction clearing drill and everyone said that I did a great job of getting the gun running and finishing the stage with what I had on me.

I think I need to load ammo for everyone in the club and have them shoot stage using my reloads, we can call it "Craps" or Russian Roulette"

Oh well, next month is the Classifer Match and I probably will go back to using my favored Remington UMC provided I can find any between here and then.

I will also be changing powders as I find the HS6 to leave too much unburnt powder, I'm thinking Titegroup or Clays, probably leaning toward Titegroup. I am just going to stick stick with 230gr FMJ, who would have thought that it runs best in the gun. DUH!

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  1. Well the scores got posted, I came in 8th place overall due to my horrid first stage time of 51.09, I should have ran it in about 20.-- which probably would have put me back in the top 5. Thankfully I still maintained my div most accurate, 4th most accurate overall.

    All in all I guess it wasn't so bad.

    I ordered 1K of 230 plated FMJ from Berry's, should have them next week, if I can find some Titegroup in WI I should be all set.