Friday, February 19, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

That income tax refund time is coming and the Mrs. and I are doing our gun shopping...

I'm truly torn on what I want, we're all ready talking of attending a training class this summer/fall as part of a vacation package and we're both looking at some new options.

For years I've been pining over the Sig 226X5 Tactical, I've always enjoyed shooting the 226, and a single action 226 just seems like too much of a good thing. It's just too bad that to get a regular 226 SAO only exists as a Master Shop gun running around $3K. I the Tactical would be a shoe in if it weren't for limited holster selection.

 Sig 226 X5 Tactical

Next on the list is a Dan Wesson VBOB, what's not to like? All ready have mags and holsters, I can't think of one negative aspect to this gun. It's exactly what I want in a carry 1911 and the price is reasonable.
 Dan Wesson Valor Bobtail

I've also been anticipating the coming of the HK P30LS 9mm, but I'm somewhat less than enthusiastic now that it's arrived. Mags are expensive, HK customer service has a less than stellar reputation, and did I mention the mags are expensive?


I HATE topics on "Which gun should I buy" but I'm just having a hard time deciding on this one, I don't think I could go wrong with any purchase and these three are not common enough to be able to shoot them at a range with rentals.

I've shot plenty of 226s and Bobtailed 1911s, but never a P30, so I'm thinking the P30LS just needs to stay on the bottom of the want list. Which leaves the X5 and the VBOB.

The VBOB would be easier to conceal, but I've had no problems concealing full size 1911s or the XDM and the X5 is pretty close in size. I'll for carry and IDPA, so it's a matter of what division I want to shoot. I all ready shoot Custom Defense Pistol (CDP) with my Les Baer and do well, and if my wife starts shooting she'll probably be shooting in Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) or Stock Service Pistol (SSP) and I don't want to compete directly against her...of course I could always buy the Sig and still shoot CDP with my Baer and not worry about it and just use the 226 as a range gun/carry gun but not for competition, but I don't see that happening if I make that purchase.

Blade Tech does make holsters for the X5, but I'd rather have wider options, I'm wondering if a MTAC slide would do the trick?

Oh well, I've 10-16 weeks to ponder over it...

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