Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Had another guy drop the "In Iowa a loaded magazine is considered a firearm" line tonight at the weekly bullseye match. I need to make a sign, or stickers or something addressing this myth and start posting them all over town. Maybe some nifty T-shirts or something.

On a happy note, I shot a 531-4X tonight which is now my second highest score shooting bullseye.

Go me.
Date                 Score             X Count

2-Nov 490 N/A
9-Nov 491 N/A
16-Nov 489 N/A
25-Nov 532 14
2-Dec 529 7
16-Dec 491 4
23-Dec 520 7
1/6/2010 502 4
1/13/2010 521 6
1/20/2010 512 6
1/27/2010 531 4  

Cutting down on the caffeine seems to be helping.

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