Friday, January 27, 2012

Semi-Auto, AR-Like .308s?

So I've been interested in picking up an ARish rifle in .308 and was previously looking at the Sig 716, Colt SP901, DPMS Mk12 and offerings from LMT and LWRC as well as the FN SCAR-17S. There's been a couple others poking their heads up such as the OBR and the Les Baer SWAT....

But here's the thing, I don't want to drop $3K on a rifle that I'm not going to shoot that much. Short of a little 'yote shooting and possibly some hog hunts, this rifle is not going to get shot much. Before the SP901 was revealed @ the 2011 SHOT Show, I was pretty much decided on the 716 but have been getting kind of turned off my Sig in the last year regarding some of the issues they've been having related to quality etc. So I was looking at the Colt and the Mark 12. DPMS is not on the top end of AR manufacturers and the Colt is still not available and in the mean time I saw this video from the Military Arms Channel (if you like youtube videos, check out their other vids, really good stuff)

And have to say that I am slightly intrigued by this rifle. Now there are some issues regarding the owners sensibilities or lack there of, but I'm all about the guns. With the shorter rail and light profile barrel I can stay under 9lbs, something that most of the above listed guns can not do AND use PMAGS (I need to verify this but saw some video if the gun firing and it appeared to be using them) which is what I prefer as for some reason I have half a dozen 7.62X51 PMAGs in my basement.

For once, I am even thinking about not getting a black rifle as the tan looks pretty cool.

XCR-M "Mini" with 16" "Heavy Profile Barrel"

XCR-M "Mini" with 16" "Heavy Profile Barrel"

So...still waiting for pricing on the SP901 to come out and need to do some research on the Robinson Arms and see how the weight changes with barrel profile, would rather have the heavy barrel, what the price looks like, and of course if it takes a readily available magazine.


  1. Hey there JD, I have a Panther Arms LR-308 that you're welcome to come over and shoot sometime if you're interested. Its price was $1,300-ish. I've been happy with it. Give me a jingle if you're interested.


  2. Thanks Bill, I'll take you up on that when the weather gets better. I don't know if you've been following the IDPA goings on, but we're ramping up for a new season with a fresh start and are planning several Saturday matches and the schedule WILL be adhered to.

  3. I'll look forward to seeing you. Ikes here are going to start two-lanes of steel pistol shoots twice a month - probably on Tuesday evenings. Our goal is a Ruger Rim Fire Challenge event late summer or early fall. But the steel we bought is Action Target 550 steel so we can handle larger caliber pistols. Just not sure our range would fit IDAP well. I'd appreciate your advice. Regardless we will offer a place where shooters can at least "limber up" for other shoots. Once the dust settles with your new little one, give me a call and we'll set a time to have you look at the range.

    Have a great weekend!