Thursday, December 29, 2011

Truth in Advertising?

I actually posted this elsewhere about a year two years ago, why I never posted it here I don't know....I came across something on Kel-Tec's website regarding one of their folding carbines and it got me thinking of this post:

Is there any?

So in another thread I read about how Springfield Amory isn't even "the real Springfield Armory" or something along those lines...No kidding tell me something I don't know. Sure they boast "The oldest name in American Firearms" and that's true, it is the oldest NAME. Hell, they tell you right on the website that they purchased the rights to the name and that the original armory was closed. Anyone doing any real amount of research will find that out in 10 minutes on the website.

Lets take a look at Smith & Wesson's Military and Police line. Tell me, what Military is currently using these guns?

How about Taurus "Putting terrorists on notice" HOW? Are they sending them bills? If Taurus is putting terrorists on notice, I'm going to get that Federal reciprocity bill passed with Obama's signature. Or how about all the custom features that they put into the PT1911? Half of those are standard these days by almost every manufacturer worth their salt. "Standard features worth over $2100 on a custom gun" Yet I didn't even pay half that for my Les Baer TRS and don't even try to compare the two, I'll laugh myself to death.

How about Sig Sauer? "To hell and back reliability" Is anyone expecting Sig to take a trip down below for hi temp testing?

How about FN's "Built for them. Built for you" ad? If anyone hasn't noticed, what's being built for them, isn't being built for us.

Don't even get me going on any ad that has the words "Special Forces" or "Tactical" in it, I don't care how tactical your gun is, if you don't know how to shoot, that picatinny light rail and threaded barrel aren't going to do squat for you.

How about Kimber? "CDP pistols are powerfull, accurate, and absolutely dependable" ...after that little 500 round break in...if you're lucky. "The choice of America's Best" except for almost every police dept. there is and rumor has it that Marine Force Recon was not as thrilled with the Warrior models as Kimber made them out to be.

How about Stag Arms? "Stag carbines have fast become the bar by which all others are measured" Afraid not, that is STILL Colt and if you actual look at "The chart" you'll find the Stag is not that top of the line and not what I would use to measure all others against.

I like this one...

Ruger "The AR platform redefined" this is regarding the SR556, OK did they just miss every other piston driven AR on the market?

Or how about "Excellence at an affordable price" That's from Nighthawk Custom referring to their GRP and GRP recon....$2350 and $2550 respectively.

I'd keep going, but it's getting late. The bottom line is don't believe everything you read, take some time, start a thread, ask some questions, even use the search feature if you're feeling real dangerous, just do some research and don't get butt-hurt when you find out that those silly ads in the gun magazines aren't really true.

New addition:

So what did I see on Kel-Tec's website?

How about this for a good laugh:

The "Delta" model rifles are intended as a personal weapon for non-infantry military personnel, special operations, SWAT law enforcement, and civilians in high risk environments. The SU-16D is especially suited for low intensity urban combat...

 Yeah, I bet that when SEAL Team 6 took that holiday to Pakistan they were all toting Kel-Tec SU16Ds. Har dee har har... Designed for Special Ops my foot.


  1. Ok, I don't know if you meant this to be funny or not, but I laughed, a lot.

    You are usually very straight forward and composed. I liked reading a little fiery passion.

  2. Just a smidgeon of humor was intended, didn't want to go overboard...oh but could I.