Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sig Sauer P226 *German*

While browsing Sig's website and looking at new products I came across this:

Sig P226 German

The standard by which all contemporary sidearms are measured, The P226 became the most esteemed full size, high-capacity pistol from the moment it was introduced. Time has only enhanced its reputation. The P226 distinguishes itself in the hands of special forces, law enforcement professionals, and discriminating
citizens with uncompromising performance when it counts the most. The P226 German is manufactured in Germany. Features a black oxide carbon steel slide and anodize alloy frame.

Well that makes sense, I wonder if this is a result of slipping in their QC practices / other shortcomings of late here in the US? I also wonder of more German made guns will be finding their way into the US??

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