Friday, July 29, 2011

From Idaho with Love...

Ordered this back in February, the previous OWB I had ordered for the Nighthawk just didn't meet my expectations after some use. It wasn't as rigid as I liked and the holster and the Ion-bonded slide of the Bob-Rail did not get along and there was an issue the the gun "dragging" on the holster. I could have added a wax or something but with the fit/function of my VMII being awesome, I figured I might as well go with Sparks on an OWB as well. I've always preferred straight drop OWB holsters and this should meet/exceed my needs nicely.

It features the steel reinforced band like my VMII, Sparks always does a good job of covering the band, some "copies" don't always do as well of a job in that area. The sight channel is very spacious, stitching, dye, and overall fit are superb. I don't know how they do it, but the way the gun locks into that leather almost sounds like Kydex without that big dimple in the trigger guard area. Initial fit was a little snug, but in about 30 draws it it feels about perfect.

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