Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Most Asinie Post of the Month Goes To...

 Regarding the Jimenez J.A. Nine...

Posted by Deltaforcepolice <-----big hint right there.

For All those that are saying the unreliability of the jimenez arms janine is was discontinued and is now based off of a lugar it is a good starter gun and I own and carry mine as a duty weapon. It is reliable if you take care of it just like any firearm I have put over a 1000 rounds throu mine and haven't had a jam. They are ammo picky and only work the best with federal rounds

Deltaforcepolice? Jimenez as a duty gun? lugar? And I'm pretty sure the JA9 is still in production, much to the dismay of many, particularly those that have bought them.

This is so rich that it deserves it's own label. With a name like deltaforcepolice, you knew it was going to be good, which leads me into another pet peeve, retarded internet gun forum screen names, to be addressed later. I have to go change a diaper that is as equally full as the quoted post above.


  1. Morning John. Aren't you being a little hard on the guy?? Now I admit I am a bit more shy than he is - just because I was a member of the "Air Force Super Quick and Very Deadly Perimeter Defense Force - M60 Squad" or AFSQVEPDFM60 for short, I simply don't brag! But a Delta Police Force member - how could you help yourself?!?!?!?!? :) Oh, and he's ripped a 1,000 rounds through his weapon, well geezz, that pretty unsual now isn't it?!?!?!? So many rounds!!

    Say, Mike had a great time last month and he's looking forward to this Saturday. I have a church thing so will miss it yet again - heavy sigh.

    Boeckmann and I took Randy's PPITH course last weekend and will be taking the PPOTH next month, evidently you and your wife will be as well. If I don't meet you before then, I look forward to doing so then!

    Have a great day!


  2. Bill,

    Don't worry, we've got plenty of matches between now and November.

    See you next month for sure!

  3. I just read their distributor's page. The flagship feature is a windage elevation sight. Is this even practical for a handgun? And it also states that the "last round slide hold open makes this pistol uncommonly accurate..." I know I'm just a city kid, but how does that make it accurate?

  4. Hammie, windage adjustment does come in handy for match guns but for a POS like a Jimenez it's like polishing a turd. As for the last round slide lock hold open, it doesn't.