Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Want to watch me fumble a reload w/ retention?

Here ya' go....

For being the first match of the year and not really practicing all winter I did OK, I fumbled two reloads throughout the match and totally blew on stage by initially forgetting to put head shots into four targets but picked them up due to a very gracious RO that reminded after asking me if I was done...Head shots? What head shots? Oh, those head shots...crap.

All that being said, I came in 5th, if not for those three screw ups I would have been in 4th, maybe third, not bad for shooting CDP against the SSP crowd.

The Nighthawk ran as expected, I do like the 10-8 gen II slide stop and will probably keep going with it.

And yes, I should have just let the mag go as I almost missed my window of opportunity on that mover, surprisingly I was only down 1 on that stage.

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