Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Calling this one good...

After my lest test of the 238 and a friends testing of it today, I'm calling this one good to go.

I have not yet tested it with JHPs, but as my winter load is 100gr FMJ from Black Hills I'll worry about the JHPs later after I replenish my stock and fire off the my current supply of Speer Gold Dot and Golden Saber.

In other news, this week was the first week of "league shooting" at the local club after the last 4 weeks (we shoot once a week) of "qual" / bank scores to give the team makers something to access and make teams with.

My first five scores aren't too bad, and were on track with last years bank scores (Bank scores are the four scores from November that can be used during competition in the event that you miss a match) and today I shot a 521-4X. My slow fire has improved by about 10pts but my second timed and rapid fire were below my personal average. Still haven't hit a 275 yet but came close last week. If my shooting continues like it did the last two weeks I should hit a couple 275s this year.

2-Nov 490 N/A
3-Nov 491 4
9-Nov 491 N/A
10-Nov 496 4
16-Nov 489 N/A
17-Nov 507 3
25-Nov 532 14
22-Nov 531 9
2-Dec 529 7
1-Dec 521 4

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