Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter Bullseye League: The Pre-Season

The local gun club is starting it's winter bullseye season. We shoot from November till the end of March, 50 ft NRA bullseye. November is the qual month, we shoot every Wednesday at the end of November they form teams. It's not as exciting as IDPA or USPSA but we can do it in the winter here and it is kind of fun.

I shot a 491 / 4X (600 / 40X possible) on Wednesday which is by far not my best score but it's better than my first shoot of last season by 1pt. One of the other shooters is lending me his Ruger MKII to let me see how I like it next week and one of the other guys has a Smith & Wesson model 41 that he might be selling so hopefully I can get my hands on that and try it out as well. Not that the Browning is lacking anywhere, but I've been wanting to see what else might fit me better.

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