Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting back into doing classes again...

After a long sabbatical from doing the NRA Basic Pistol Course I'm happy to say that with the upcoming changes in Iowa law that the wife and I are ramping up to start doing classes again as well as teaming up with the director of our IDPA club and doing a more carry related course as well as the basic NRA stuff.

We're still reviewing the course outline for the "carry" class and I need to get a meeting with the local range to see about renting/charging students to use the range for the firing portion of the classes. We have classrooms in two locations, but thus far only one range that is out door and I really don't want to be teaching in three feet of snow when it's 20 below out. Hopefully the indoor club will let me use the range one Saturday a month.

The training website is: , we're still working on our course catalog but as of right now we're going to be offering the NRA Basic Pistol Class, our Basic Carry Class, and eventually something along the lines of an intermediate defensive pistol course and some force on force stuff, but most of that probably won't be till next spring.

Good times, but I must admit I'm tired of reading over Iowa Code and editing course outlines. Thankfully I'll have a nice long weekend shooting in VA next week to help brush up my own skills and learn a thing or two from one of the best.

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