Thursday, April 8, 2010

SOG(s) for me!

Prior to moving to Iowa I was searching for a smaller fixed blade tanto for carry while riding out the may issue mess. I never really found anything that did it for me, I managed to find an old Cold Steel Mini Tanto (no longer in production) but the handle was super slim...for me. The wife loves it.

I've kept looking and found what seems to be just what I was looking for. There aren't that many sub-five (5" being the largest thing you can carry in Iowa without a PTCW) inch tantos of reputable make and while I'd rather have a straight edge, the combo edge of the SOG Mini-Tsunami will have to do.

It even appears to come with a usable sheath. Score one for JD....or make that two. I found two of these for sale on the net, and unless they were posted by the same guy, I'll be a proud owner of twins.

I've been using a couple of good folders for the time being but I'd much rather have a fixed blade option.

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