Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rimfire Bullsye Shooting-50'

I started in a bullseye league back in November, it's getting pretty cold here in IA and figured shooting in the league would be a fun way to keep some of the skills sharp until spring when IDPA starts up again. It's a weekly shoot and so far the time hasn't been a burden. We shoot indoors in a range that's actually built directly under an overpass, as far as in-door ranges are concerned, it's not too bad but for $40.00 a year it can't be beat.

I'm shooting a Browning Buckmark 5.5" Pro Target with a Bushnell Trophy Dot scope.

My only gripe is that a decent shooter's box for bullseye shooting is getting hard to find. Pachmayr and Gun-Ho ceased making cases and the current selection is either quite expensive or not quite what I'm looking for. I managed to find a decent box at work that is serving as my bullseye range box until I can manage to win a Gun-Ho on eBay.



It's not the prettiest thing out there, but it works for now.

These are my match scores so far:
Date                 Score           X Count

2-Nov 490
9-Nov 491
16-Nov 489
25-Nov 532 14
2-Dec 529 7
16-Dec 491 4
23-Dec 520 7

I've found that I'll break 500 if I skip caffeinated beverages after lunch. I don't know what I did right on the 25th of Nov, but I hope I figure it out.

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